How to go from dating to boyfriend girlfriend amanda crew dating


The slower you take it, the less likely someone is to get hurt if, in the end, one of you decides you’re actually better off as just friends.

I’m not going to give you advice, I can’t tell you what to do.

During this time, keep analyzing your feelings and making sure that a relationship is really what you both want. That way, if things don’t work out, it won’t be as awkward because less people knew about it in the first place.

And the less awkward it is, the easier it will be to resume your original friendship.

Just like guys trying to get out of the friend zone, girls are trying to get out of the side zone.

I’m going to assume that you want the ‘elite’ type of guy.But the friendship you guys had in the first place should still be a part of your relationship. After all, that’s what drove you two together in the first place.


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