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After that, she moved to Los Angeles to follow her career.She has a younger brother named Cade who was born in 2006.She sung God Bless America for Steven Spielberg’s A. Daveigh Chase has yet to appear in a blockbuster movie but she has already made a mark in the film industry in America.As The Ring’s Samara and Lilo & Stitch’s Lilo, she has been able to portray distinctive and memorable characters onscreen.For the voice over she was awarded the 2003 Annie Award.She reprised her role with the television series based on the movie.She was also credited as Samara in the follow up, The Ring 2 but her character was performed by Kelly Stables.Daveigh is also known for her voice as Chihiro Ogino of Sprited Away’s English adaptation.


In 2003, she was seen in five movies, Haunted Lighthouse, Carolina, Silence, Stitch! After a series of guest appearances in shows like Yes, Dear, The Lot, That’s Life, Touched by an Angel, Inside Schwartz, Family Law, The Rats, and Fillmore!

She appeared as Samantha Darko in the 2001 movie Donnie Darko.



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