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In practical terms, the new legislation establishes a new energy regime called "greenergy," according to which supply will match demand based on need and not on any particular technology's ability.Under this scheme, alternating current (AC) will be replaced with alternative current.Only when we have equal reward and equal punishment for every citizen can we be a just society of total equality.Since people live to different ages, a one-year sentence will be greater punishment for the shorter-lived than the longer-lived.


This also generates a positive feedback raising the pro vote beyond the 100% level.It is clearly unfair that one person should be imprisoned for life while another serves a mere 30-day sentence.We propose all punishment should be equal regardless of criminal ability.That much is clear." MORE The Intergovernmental Cultural Climate Change Panel (ICCCP) declared its support for the recent UN announcement that all cultures are equally valid.


Expanding on the resolution the group declared the rights of people are now culturally defined, rather than being based on any universal notion or concept.

MORE President Shabaaz-Kennedy and [his] [husband] toured the new Franken Center for the Criminally Obese in preparation for a visit by UN Secretary General Castro.


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