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”‘To his surprise Armstrong replied: “Yes, it would be an honour to join you.”’Armstrong not only became a participant but also honorary president of the expedition, which won backing from scientists around the world as well as the Ecuadorian government.

Ms Hall added: ‘Dad had never done an expedition before.

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But now the daughter of Stan Hall, who led the expedition, has shone new light on what is surely one of the most unusual expeditions ever undertaken by a Scottish explorer.

What’s more, 31-year-old Eileen Hall, an architectural assistant based in Edinburgh, is now planning to retrace her father’s footsteps through the Andes aiming finally to complete the extraordinary quest he began more than four decades ago.

As a young man in the 1960s he had what he claimed was an ‘out of body’ experience that challenged his understanding of the world.

Neil was interested in what goes on in outer space and dad had read von Däniken’s book, which has some fairly ‘out there’ theories in it.


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