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This video, which is absolutely mesmerizing, mashes together the songs as well as the colorful scenes from both artists' music videos to create a comedy-dance-party-rocking masterpiece...

After his appearance at MTV's Video Music Awards, You Tube sensation PSY has been featured on the "Today" show, "Good Morning America," "Ellen," and more for his viral video "Gangnam Style"; however, no one in the U. Though, PSY says Gangnam is equivalent to our Beverly Hills.) Psy has described the song as a tribute to the ladies of the wealthy district. I describe it as noble at the daytime and going crazy at the night time. So — noble at the daytime, going crazy at the night time — and the lyric says I am the right guy for the lady who is like that." And, if you're still lost on the word "Oppa," it means "older brother." The catchy chorus is supposed to be the equivalent of your guy having "Gangnam Style." We're guessing that's a good thing.

It is a very attractive industry, in that sense; it makes me challenge myself. HYUN-A: A few years back, I felt that there were many differences, but now I feel like PSY has broken many of those walls.



POOLE: How would you describe life in the K-Pop world?All in all, I am happy that PSY’s song is being loved by people all around the world, and I am lucky I am a part of it. Thanks to PSY, now people are starting to realize that K-Pop is not limited to just one genre.


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