Mixed race dating ireland

Reactions to Danny Boyle’s casting of a mixed family in the London Olympics opening ceremony encapsulated these frictions: while some celebrated this very modern take on British life, the Daily Mail called its depiction of a white mother and black father living happily in a suburban home “absurdly unrealistic”.Underpinning all this remains an obsession with our physicality: we can’t get beyond a basic fascination with what happens when two people with different-coloured skin have a child.Where I grew up, a mixed-race family was something of an anomaly.Families, according to our neighbours – and the pictures on cereal boxes, board games and holiday brochures – meant a white mother and a white father and two children, preferably a boy and a girl, ideally blonde.Although those with one black and one white parent still form the largest group, mixing has become much more complex as migration becomes truly global.

I am eight and a classmate stops me in the corridor and asks, “What’s it like to be black?In fact, all but two families in our street are visibly mixed in some way (it’s a small street, but still).



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