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She was very smart, and graduated as Salutatorian from her school, and shortly thereafter purrsued the dream Hollywood.She worked and went to college, graduated from that institution too, and married a high school sweetheart.The 1950’s were a new era for mankind; it was the age of the atom and Elvis, duck ‘n cover and rock ‘n roll.It was also the dawn of Bettie’s big new career in the Big Apple, where more people than ever noticed her beauty and charm.Another war had ended, but so did yet another marriage, and in the bicentennial era of Skylab & Skywalker, Darth Vader & disco, her quite life faded into mysterious obscurity, for a while.

It was a good show and everything was so beautifully illuminated for the holidays! Every December 7th, Mike commemorates that day in 1979 when he saw what would be his favoritest movie of all time.These ranged from her biography book tandan entire monotype full of Bettie inspired paintings by famous glamor artist Olivia, to the 2005 movie The Notorious Bettie Page starring Gretchen Mol in the title role.


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