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Each cell contains a tiny “clock” called a telomere, which shortens each time the cell divides.

To counter this effect, the body also produces an enzyme, telomerase, which protects the cell and prevents further shortening by adding more DNA to the end of the telomere.

So far, so good -- but under stress, the body pumps out cortisol, a hormone that suppresses this protective enzyme.

The study found that people under chronic stress have shorter telomeres, which, researchers say, means they are more vulnerable to a host of ailments.

They usually do a good job of packing the place, but the problem is glaring – men, and male artists, stay at home, or go elsewhere, when women are performing.

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“Colds, flu, you name it, every year I get it; I’ve had shingles eight times,” says the 40-year-old owner of a creative agency in Boonton, N. Why do many people feel so much more stress at this time of year?

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