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Bryan himself had been a "day-age" creationist (Numbers 296).Advocates of the gap or restitution theory, popularized by British theologian Thomas Chalmers (1780-1847), proposed that an immense period of time had elapsed between the events recorded in verse one of Genesis 1, which describes a state of chaos, and verse two, the beginning of created order (Young ibid 55-57; Bailey 121-124).Why, early in the twenty-first century, would so many Americans hold these views in the face of compelling scientific evidence that we live on a planet billions of years old and that biotic evolution best explains the history of life?The Scopes trial had a negative impact upon science education.This book had an enormous impact upon many conservative Christians.It set the standard for presenting a case for a six-day creation because the authors used the familiar format of scientific literature -- footnotes and references to science publications.Evolution was either omitted or its presentations muted in textbooks.


Biological evolution re-entered public school curricula. In the face of this revival, a countervailing movement that had been forming quietly among evangelical and fundamentalist Christians for some time took off with the publication in 1961 of The Genesis Flood by conservative theologian John C. They argued on the basis of their belief in an inerrant Bible for a six-day creation and a global Flood.In his sermon he implicitly challenged the premise of the Tennessee law, and even more so, the claims about the Bible that lay behind it.


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