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For this reason and some others (that I won't mention), I believe he's a repressed homosexual. Every time we talk, maybe once or twice a year, he recounts his latest fuckups with women (and everything else).

Untreated, the abuse he suffered from his mother, as well as the loss and grief over his father, could be troubling to his wife and their relationship.

Perhaps if he ever has children, the reality of the abuse will hit him.

There is no other way to describe this other than abuse, however consensual he may have perceived it to be at the time." But that was then, TRUTHS. "Unfortunately, I don't think his wife will ever be able to put this revelation behind her," said Dr. "I think his best bet is to leave her, move on, and seek therapy.

A therapist will help him deal with the emotional upset of the breakup with his wife, as well as process what happened with his mother." Dr. "To gain empathy and compassion from his wife, TRUTHS should be willing to listen to her concerns, fear, and anger," said Dr. "He also needs to invite her to have compassion and empathy for the vulnerable position he was in—but he cannot do that until he has some compassion for himself.

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