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Says he: ''When you are rich, you do not buy a minicar, you buy a Rolls-Royce.'' No one in the world is richer than the Sultan, absolute ruler of Brunei Darussalam, a tiny country that shares the island of Borneo with Malaysia and Indonesia.What makes him the richest man in the world -- with a net worth of at least billion, not including oil in the ground -- is that practically everything in the 2,226- square-mile mini-state (about the size of Delaware) belongs to him.Christians and others can celebrate Christmas, but must do so in private and have to first alert the authorities.Local Islamic religious leaders have promoted the ban, warning that adopting the trappings of Christmas is tantamount to imitation of another faith, prohibited in some interpretations of Islam.


While living high himself, the Sultan spreads the wealth around in what must be Asia's most complete welfare state.

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