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In addition to the points Sapp made, George Carroll — the attorney representing defendants Mc Kibben, Dakovich, and the regents as an entity — told Kelly that because Rastetter picked up Harreld from the airport but was not present at the meetings, the argument could not be made that a majority was ever present.Not only was there no deliberation, Carroll argued, but Harreld, who was not officially a candidate for the job at the time the meetings took place, asked most of the questions during the meeting. 7 Harreld “asked more questions than he gave information.” “We would expect all potential candidates to have questions about Iowa and its future,” Carroll said.7 to get the case dropped before it heads to trial.The five former and current regents — Bruce Rastetter, Katie Mulholland, Milt Dakovich, Larry Mc Kibben, and Mary Andringa — were deposed that day. 25 revealed the recollections of the current and former regents’ from their private meetings held during the summer of 2015 with UI President Bruce Harreld prior to his hiring.


Dickey also said they could have held a public meeting in which the public was given prior notice with an agenda and that was recorded with minutes, eventually voting to move into closed session to meet with Harreld.

“It is hard to imagine of a scenario in which five members of the board could meet in closer temporal proximity than back-to-back-to-back,” he said.


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