Mx26g dating

8.00 Dog sled, NO HARNESS; 3 brown, 1 red 8.00 Dog sled harness, NO SLED; NONE, (5.00 HOOK WEAKLY ATTACHED; 1 brown). MX26E Digging with pick ax; 9 light gray, 1 pale cream. 4.00 Boy with doll and blocks; 1 cream SP, (1.50 4 light gray). (2) (3.00 BASE CURVED;2 cream) 2.00 Boy with hands in the air, SP; 4 darker grays, 6 lighter grays. 2.00 Girl sitting, SP; 3 darker gray, 2 lighter gray dirty.

(4) 15.00 RECAST mold shot PL-915; 2 2pc dog sleds and 1 2pc kayak, silver.(OUT OF STOCK) 5.00 RECAST kayak, red top with white bottom.(1) Vintage pieces, usually brown in playsets and red on blister cards; 4.00 Kayak top; 2 brown, 1 red. 3.00 Pulling dead seal; NONE, (1.50 ROPE SPLIT; 1 blue). 2.50 Woman with fish and pole; NONE, (1.00 NO POLE OR FISH; 1 yellow). 5.00 Board; 1 light gray MX26B Squatting with oil can; 3 cream, 15 light gray. MX26D Directing traffic; 3 cream, 4 light gray, 1 metallic blue,(.50 RECAST 1 white). 25.00 Boxed set with instructions, figures have been put together, MISSING younger sister, cream. 4.00 Girl sitting holding powder puff; 1 cream SP, (1.50 1 darker gray SP, 4 lighter gray SP). Nursery Figures and Items 4.00 Boy with hands in the air, cream, SP.

Vintage Orange & blue accessories ; NONE Harpoon, blue, HP. Original Marx issue Eskimos 2.50 Spearing fish; NONE.

(1) Marx made a nice set of 18 arctic animals (PL-911) as seen above to go in their Alaskan sets. Thanks to Mike Handley for supplying some of the animals in the photo. Redbrown figures may be test shots or perhaps were sold in header bags. UNLESS NOTED 2.00 EACH Construction Workers, cream, redbrown or metallic blue SP, & 1.00 EACH Gray. NONE "ROAD CLOSED" barrier, 3 pieces, light brown, HP. NONE Cement mixing tub (top & bottom views seen above), light brown, HP, NONE "CAUTION TNT" crate, light brown, HP. Knees bend so they can sit on doll house furniture. (NONE) 4.00 Jointed sister, cream.(NONE) 2.00 Younger sister holding books, solid one piece; 2 light gray, 1 dirty cream. There are two babies crawling, one kitten, one nanny and one each of the other six boys and four girls. 4.00 Boy brushing teeth; 1 cream SP, (1.50 1 light gray SP).

Bande passante 100k Hz • Afficheur 5000/50 000 pts • Rétro-éclairage, bargraphe 34 segments • Entrée de mesure basse impédance 500kΩ • Tension jusqu' à 1000VDC et 750VAC impédance 10MΩ • Intensité directe jusqu'à 10ADC et 6AAC • Résistance jusqu'à 50MΩ • Test sonore de continuité, test diode • Fonction capacimètre jusqu'à 50µF • Fonction fréquencemètre jusqu'à 500k Hz •Garantie : 3 ans MULTIMETRE METRIX MX 26-G Le MX 26 est un multimètre numérique 5000/50 000 points TRMS de la gamme Concept, 100k HZ, précision (0,3% typique) offrant un réel confort de lecture.


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