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But they said that opposing information which “slanders” or “attacks” homosexuality must not be allowed.

Several speakers insisted that all children “need” information about homosexuality whether their parents agree or not, and therefore the library must be there to provide it.

of the newly elected Spanish ECt HR judge, María Elósegui Itxaso. 30, over 50 local pro-family citizens stormed into the Temple Library Board of Directors meeting.

And one of the lobby’s most active minions in the European Parliament, Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, a Spanish Member of the European Parliament’s S&D Group, is making himself busy with collecting signatures of his fellow MEPs to protest against Mrs. They came to express their outrage over last summer’s LGBT public library display which targeted children with psychologically intrusive homosexual propaganda.

The parents who testified were quite emotional in their outrage over the library propaganda targeting their children. The Concerned Christian Citizens made it clear that they weren’t giving up.

As absurd as the LGBT arguments were, they were presented in a slick way.

The crowd was so large that the Board had to move the meeting to a much bigger room. As we recently reported, at the previous Board meeting in October, over three dozen Concerned Christian Citizens parents came to the Library Board meeting to demand the LGBT promotions in the library be stopped.

Even though each person was limited to three minutes, the testimony went on for nearly three hours. Several pro-LGBT activists who had heard about it also came.

They also made it into a petition and began gathering signatures throughout the region.

That ignited both sides to come to the January meeting to influence that policy.Most of those names, we were told, overwhelmingly came from out of state and even from outside the US.



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