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Use the show version command to verify the version on the active and standby supervisor modules before and after an upgrade.

The following examples display the versions of the system, kickstart, and failed images.

command is useful when collecting a large amount of information about your switch for troubleshooting purposes.

The output of this command can be provided to technical support representatives when reporting a problem.

The following example displays technical support information for a specific module.

The show tlport command displays the TL port interface configurations.

You can choose to have detailed information for each command or even specify the output for a particular interface, module, or VSAN.

If the host timestamp is not available, only the switch timestamp is printed.

The following example displays the RLIR statistics for all VSANs.

There is no distinction between the types of CLI variables in the output. This command displays the important fields in the identity certificate, if present, followed by those in the CA certificate (or each CA certificate if it is a chain, starting from the lowest to the self-signed root certificate), or the trust point.

If the trust point name is not specified, all trust point certificate details are displayed.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- alpa p WWN n WWN SCSI Type Device FC-ID -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0x01 ::4a:de ::4a:de Initiator Proxied 0xfffc42 0x73 ::ae:54 ::ae:54 Target Private 0x420073 0xef ::4a:de ::4a:de Initiator Switch 0x0000ef Use the show version image command to verify the integrity of the image before loading the images.


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