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Today, as I visit the country and people of the United States, let us share the joy that President Ho Chi Minh's dream of a relationship of `full cooperation' between Viet Nam and the United States some seven decades ago now comes true.

to Jacksonville, Fla., her first thought was about her …

Thank you, again, for all of your love and support during this trying time.

Another day and night searching for answers 😥 still nothing 😔 Somebody has to know something so we ask that you please keep sharing the story of Jerry and Susan.

Weather considering, we had people in Jeeps, on horseback, and on ATVs for today’s search.

Today our time was spent mostly in the Mammoth and Silver City area.

Police say Katie Seegmiller, 15, was last seen on January 23 at p.m. Police obtained those records on the belief they would find evidence of illegal conduct, pertinent to a murder investigation.

In addition to all calls and texts made between 11/01/17 and 01/18/18, police also requested any emails associated with the cell phones that might lead to, for example, a Google or i Tunes account.


Seegmiller has Cystic Fibrosis and may be heading to South Dakota. Authorities believe she may be headed to South A group of individuals are planning a search of the Eureka, Mammoth, and Silver City area on Saturday, February 10th. The couple disappeared in late December while traveling from Tooele to Eureka.Linda Powell's boyfriend, William Larson, according to the affidavit, told police all three were in Wendover.


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